Students need to have travel insurance. Travel insurance will be provided by the University of Juraj Dobrila in Pula.

Students from Italy travel by a regular bus (or train) line. They buy the tickets to Pula themselves. On the bus (train) ticket, the name of the buyer of the bus (train ticket) should be stated in the following manner:


"Sveučilište u Jurja Dobrile u Puli“ - OIB: 61738073226 – Zagrebačka 30, Pula"

After the journey, students will submit the purchased tickets to professor Dapit, the coordinator from Udine, who will send all the tickets to Pula. Students are entitled a refund for transport fares only if the instructions are respected.

On the completion of the project, students will receive:

·  A certificate of participation in the EU project and

·  Additional 2-4 ECTS credits, depending on the agreement with the prof. Dapit and the University of Udine.


If you have questions, please contact professor Roberto Dapit or send an e-mail to or

Roberto Dapit - coordinator from Udine and
Janko Žufić – project coordinator


TAARLoG 2013. Application form
(for Udine)

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