Dear students,

the University of Pula, the University of Udine, the University of Maribor and the University of Koper (with 20 teachers and 60 students) will participate in the joint project ERASMUS IP Traditionally in Alpe - Adria Region - Local to Global, which will be held from October 13 to October 25, 2013 in Pula.

The "TAARLoG" project is a multifunctional, didactically designed program which methodically lays the foundations for local traditions, in this case the tradition of Istria, for the future work of preschool educators and elementary school teachers, i.e. the work with the new generations. In today's globalized world, each region must not forget its roots, traditions, language and its own culture. In this project, which will last for ten working days, students who come from different parts of Slovenia (and attend the Teachers College in Maribor and Koper), Italy (and study at the Universita' di Udine) and various Croatian regions (and study at the University of Pula) will become acquainted with different songs, instrumental music, dances, mythology and puppets of Istria.

During the course of the project, a puppet show will be prepared and presented to preschool and elementary school children, their educators and teachers, as well as university students and their professors. The performance will take place on the last day of the project. Besides different workshops, the project will also include several quality lectures and demonstrations. The program will include ten days of intensive work, it will provide opportunities to meet colleagues and become acquainted with the situation of working in unfamiliar surroundings, but participants will also have a lot of free time.

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Basic information:

Date: October 13 October 25, 2013

Place: Pula, Croatia

Students are expected to spend all the time on the project.

Students choose one or two workshops in which they wish to participate.

Time spent on the project: every day for about 8 hours.

Students will be accommodated in a hostel in Pula (for more information visit

Students do not pay for accommodation or board (3 meals a day).



TAARLoG 2013.
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